The Baltic States


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The Baltic States consist of three countries in Northern Europe: Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Following Russian occupation the three countries became independent in 1994 before joining the EU a decade later in 2004.

Each country has its own unique atmosphere and culture and are all ideally suited to hosting conference and other incentive events within their beautiful vistas.


Estonia is the ultimate boutique destination, a cutting edge European country packed with history, where everything you need is within easy reach. Tallinn, Estonia’s capital is not only an amazing city famous for its Medieval Old Town, it’s also the ultimate, easy access destination. The city centre is home to several high quality, newly built hotels and is just ten minutes drive from the airport. Most sights, restaurants and hotels are within easy walking distance.

There is a wide variety of hotels ranging from the small boutique type to large conference hotels. Additionally there are plenty of historic venues to make your events unforgettable and exciting activities including:

  • A Medieval Merchant’s Tale
  • Prison break: A Soviet- era Prison Adventure
  • SAS- Mission 007
  • Building a Viking Boat
  • Film shoot
  • Crazy Village party


Latvia is a small country in the heart of the Baltic States with ancient history and traditions. Its capital city Riga, was founded at the mouth of the Daugava river in 1201. Since 1997 the central part of Riga was included in the UNESCO World Heritage.

Riga is a dynamic place, the largest city in the Baltics, constantly changing and named ‘the city of inspiration’ and is culturally alive through its museums, art galleries, concert halls, theatres and clubs.

As a destination it is easily accessible from all major European cities as the newly modernised Riga International Airport is only 10 km away from the city centre.

Accommodation is readily available with a great choice of top-quality five star hotels, boutique hotels, business class and economy hotels to suit all budgets.

Activities available for the event organiser in Latvia include:

  • Hiking
  • Horse riding
  • Fishing and hunting
  • Cycling
  • Skiing
  • Hot Air Balloon Rides
  • Bobsleighing
  • Tank Driving


The Republic of Lithuania with its capital Vilnius lies on the eastern coast of the Baltic Sea. In 1994 the Old Town of Vilnius was included on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

Vilnius has always been a multinational, multilingual and multicultural European city. The landscape alternates between lowland plains and hilly uplands and has a dense, intricate network of rivers and lakes.

The Old Town of Vilnius is the largest in Europe and is surrounded by wooded hills and situated in a picturesque valley formed by the rivers Neris and Vilnia. Almost all major European architectural styles are represented here.

The hotel infrastructure is widely developed with most of the major international hotels being represented here as well as smaller, local hotels and all with excellent meeting facilities. Historical venues for special events are widely available.

Incentive activities for the event organiser in Lithuania include:

  • Canoe Polo
  • Orienteering adventures
  • Rifle Range Shooting
  • Paintballing on a fomer Soviet Military base
  • Dinner in a Soviet style canteen
  • Missile Range visit
  • Photo Safari on a wooden ‘kernavette’

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