Czech Republic



Our destination of choice within the Czech Republic; the ‘Golden City’, the ‘City of a Hundred Spires’, the ‘Paris of the Thirties’; Prague has inspired any number of flattering and romantic descriptions. It lies at the heart of Europe. Despite its many conflicts over the years, Prague has remained one of the world’s best preserved cities.

Prague today has become alive after 40 years of Communist rule. The city has been transformed, its marvelous musical tradition continues, its artistic and cultural activity is as vibrant as ever and its many hundreds of beautiful buildings and impressive monuments have been renovated.

Split in the middle by the river Vltava, Prague is composed of two parts. On the right bank of the river is the Old Town- the Prague of Franz Kafka, the Prague of the Jewish community, Czech Prague. To the left is the Baroque, the Catholic Prague, the Prague of the Counter Reformation and its palaces of the nobility with its many churches and monasteries.


If you are seeking to organise an event that will leave your guests talking about it for many months after it has happened, then look no further than prague. The actitivites available in Prague will satisfy even the most curious and demanding of guests.


Enjoy the thrills and spills of Go Karting, an ideal activity for both experienced and inexperienced drivers. Enjoy the rush of racing each other and see how you are doing on the electronic devices on board each kart.

Military Rifle Shoot

For those who require an even bigger adrenaline rush, we can offer a once in a lifetime opportunity to fire some truly powerful rifles such as the American M16 and the infamous AK47 under the supervision of fully-qualified English speaking instructors.

Beer Hunt

The Czechs are the largest consumers of beer per capita on the planet. Teams will visit as many pubs as possible during the time assigned and must taste as many local beers as they can. Each team will be provided with a digital camera to take photos to use as evidence of their visit to the pubs.

Bike Tour & Pub Crawl

For a great way to spend a very enjoyable afternoon you can take a 2 ½ hour ride through the city centre and outskirts with en-route stops to listen to interesting tales about the places visited. At the end of the tour with the bikes safely stored away, you can relax to an informal dinner followed by a pub crawl in the Old Town.

Sight-Seeing Tour: Prague City Tour

Prague is the ‘Mother of Cities’ , ‘the Hundred-Towered One’, home of the most precious treasures. The Old Town Square, Wenceslas Square, Charles Bridge , Lesser Quarter. Prague Castle- the largest medieval castle complex in Europe. Within the complex you can visit St Vitus Cathedral – the most recognisable landmark in Prague; Golden Lane (home of Kafka), Lobkowicz Palace.

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