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Isologotipo IVI 2019 borde blancoCuba is the largest and most intriguing of the Caribbean islands. It is a melting pot of races, classic cars and a rich culture. Cuba is a beautiful island with incredible landscapes, white or golden sandy beaches, turquoise waters and a benign climate.

La Habana

Cuba’s capital is one of the largest cities in the Caribbean, both in population and size. Here you will hear the sounds of music in every street corner and you will capture the scents of authentic Cuban food emanating from their restaurants and paladares ( privately owned restaurants)


Varadero is one of the best known resorts in Cuba and the world. Its beautiful beaches, its Caribbean climate, taking a mojito sitting on the beach, enjoying the services of all-inclusive hotels , reading a good book and being able to disconnect are the main reasons everyone wants to visit Varadero


Activities you can enjoy in Cuba:

  • Tobacco Tours
  • Rides in classic cars
  • Historical Tours
  • Museums
  • Water activities

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